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India is the original home for Sugar. From Sharkara in Sanskrit to Sugar in English, it has been a long journey of time and space with quite a few intermediaries. Alexander and his troops were amazed by this honey without bees. But it was the Arabs who introduced Sugarcane to Europe and from there the Spaniards took it to the Americas.

Sugar Production :

Today, about 144 million tons of sugar are produced each year in as many as 127 countries around the world. Roughly three-quarters of the sugar produced comes from sugar cane, the rest from sugar beet. Sugar beet is cultivated in countries with temperate climates, mainly in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and the United States, China and Japan and there are the biggest trading companies dealing in sugar as well. Sugar cane, in contrast, is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions ~ mainly in Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, India and Australia, with a lot of trader and supplier of sugar.

Who are the largest sugar producers?

The three biggest producers with the biggest sugar offers are: Brazil, India and the European Union, which each produce between 18 and 23 million tons a year. Brazil is the largest sugar exporter, at 12 million tons a year. The EU exports around 5 million tons annually. With annual production of 7 to 9 million tons and consumption of 9 to 10 million tons, the USA and China are major net importers of sugar.

Sareen Impex Pvt. Ltd. is a major supplier of Being Healthy White Refined Sugar ranging form ICUMSA 45 - 100 from India and well as Pakistan since 2011. We were also the leaders to introduce the Pakistan Sugar in the Indian market through Wagha Border of Amritsar in 2012 and supplied Being Healthy Sugar to all through the Northern Indian states of Punjab, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir, and Haryana .

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